• Shredability Astir on Cyberspace

    Are you aware of what Shredability has been up to? We are continually making strides to connect with our clients, employees and community members about news and future plans. Through the innovation of social media that obstacle is becoming easier and easier. The Shredability team is always active online. You can follow us, like us […]

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  • Same Mission, New Platform

    Shredability is excited to be an active participant of social media. We’re always updating followers on our latest plans and endeavors. We hope this will serve as an effective medium to spread the word about environmental awareness and correspond with fellow members of the green community. Shredability is eager to engage those who share in […]

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  • Happy New Year!

    Start the new year off right with a Secure Document Destruction Program. Email us today and get your first month free!

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  • Is your business EFFICIENT?

    Is your business EFFICIENT? Do you know that, in order to shred 8000 pounds of paper at home, you would need a full 66 business days? SHREDability can do that in 2 hours! Low cost to your business and guaranteed security.

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  • Employer Appreciation Event today!!

    AHRC NYC Employment and Business Services Department had an Employer Appreciation Event today at our Headquarters at 83 Maiden Lane, New York, NY. We wanted to thank all businesses and agencies for their partnership with AHRC NYC and its social enterprises and remind that by doing business with us not only they help change lives […]

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  • Got Medical Records? Call For a Free Quote!

    HIPAA Federal Law and its new revisions offer a challenge to health care firms in an era where they cannot just store and ignore the many thousands of legacy medical records in existence. Each health care firm must actively create systems that allow them to sort out what needs to be kept, shred what is […]

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